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Our Spanish Society of Plant Physiology, known in Spanish as and hereafter SEFV, with registered office at Castilla-La Mancha University, Campus Fábrica de Armas, 45071 Toledo (Spain), is the domain owner of and personal data controller of the information provided by the user on this domain on the occasion of the 23rd Congress of the SEFV (hereafter “the 23rd SEFV Meeting”) which will be held in Pamplona (Spain) on the 26-28th June 2019.


SEFV is committed to ensuring that your personal data is protected and not misused.

Who is the personal data controller, the purpose of the processing of your personal data, the legal grounds for processing, how and why we collect them, your rights and the measures enacted to protect your privacy are hereby detailed.


When you provide your personal data and make use of our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms related to the information on personal data protection included. SEFV assumes responsibility for compliance with current national and European legislation on data protection, in order to process your information fairly, lawfully and transparently.


Data controller


The legal person, the SEFV, is responsible for the processing of its customers’ personal data. For help on Privacy Policy issues, please contact


To exercise your rights, please contact the aforementioned email address and include a photocopy or scanned copy of your ID card.


Which is our purpose when collecting your personal data? (dropdown)


Main purpose:

The main purpose to collect your personal data is that they are needed to manage your enrolment application on the 23rd SEFV Meeting.


Other purposes:


On the basis of your consent, your data can also be used to send you information of scientific or academic relevance, as well as SEFV activities or news that SEFV might consider interesting according to your actions on scientific dissemination.

Such information, where appropriate, might be sent using all available channels (including by email) and might be either of a general nature or adapted to your personal characteristics in relation to your interests and on the basis of your professional, scientific or academic profile. In the same way, the information sent might concern work of scientific nature from SEFV or from other academic or scientific institutions or centres which have agreements with SEFV.


Legal grounds for personal data processing


There are several reasons with legal grounds to process your personal data:

- The aim of providing a better service according to your enrolment on the 23rd SEFV Meeting.

- On the basis of your consent, to send you information of academic or scientific dissemination relevance or about other SEFV actions.


Who can we share your personal data with?


Occasionally we will need to transfer information to third parties that provide services related to the 23rd SEFV Meeting, either for formalization or for management and implementation, such as: travel agencies or organizers of congresses, transportation companies, hotel and food industry or any other provider related to our meeting.


Such third parties shall be obliged to use data only and exclusively for the purpose of implementing your enrolment and participation application at the 23rd SEFV Meeting. Such providers’ location might be third countries for which is needed an international transfer of data, depending on the country of origin of the attendee.


In all cases, SEFV assumes responsibility for the personal data that you provide us and we require the companies with whom we share your personal data to implement the same level of information protection as we do.


Further, your personal information will be available to all Public Administrations, Judges and Courts for the purpose of determining any liability arising from processing.


International transfer


SEFV does not intend to make international data transfers to third countries. Personal data collected will be stored in Spain, except those of attendees managing their journey to the 23rd SEFV Meeting from abroad and of whom the technical department of our Congress shall necessarily share certain information with third country service providers.


In that case, we will make sure that any transfer of your personal data made by us or by third parties with whom we share your personal data, as well as the way we manage your personal data complies with the applicable legislation. However, transfer, storage and management of personal data by us will always be governed by this Privacy Policy.


How to exercise your rights?


You have the right to have ultimate control over the personal data we collect, and this way we guarantee that those are accurate and truthful.


You have the right to access your personal data, as well as to have your information rectified if it is inaccurate or, when appropriate, to have it erased when, among other reasons, data are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected.


In certain circumstances, and on compelling grounds relating your particular situation, you may object to the processing of your information. Your personal data will then stop processing for those purposes for which you have stated your objection. Likewise, you can exercise the right to limit the processing of your personal data and ask us for its retention.


In certain circumstances, you can require the portability of your information to another data controller.


You may exercise your rights free of charge and have the right to receive a reply within the deadlines set by current legislation on data protection in one of the following ways:

- A signed written request to Sociedad Española de Fisiología Vegetal, at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Campus de Fábrica de Armas, Avda. de Carlos III, s/n, 45071, Toledo (Spain), (Data protection), including a photocopy of your ID card. Despite having already provided your address or email address, it will be required to provide them.

- A request including a photocopy and/or scanned copy of your ID card to our email address:

Complaints can be addressed to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, particularly when the complainants are not satisfied with the reply on the exercise of their rights. For further information, please go to



How can you change the way we communicate with you to inform about our products and services? (dropdown)



You can change the way we communicate with you in one of the following ways:

- A signed written request to Sociedad Española de Fisiología Vegetal, at Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Campus de Fábrica de Armas, Avda. de Carlos III, s/n, 45071, Toledo (Spain), (Data protection), including a photocopy of your ID card. Despite having already provided your address or email address, it will be required to provide them.

- A request including a photocopy and/or scanned copy of your ID card to our email address:


How long will we store your personal data?


We only store your personal data to the extent that we need it for the purpose for which it was collected, and according to the legal basis of its processing under the applicable law. We will keep your personal data as long as there is a relation of scientific or academic nature between you and SEFV, or you participate in SEFV congresses, or if you do not exercise your right of erasure, cancelation or limitation of data processing.


On those cases, we will keep your data properly blocked, with no use, while it may be required to exercise or defend any legal claims or if there may be any legal responsibility, legal liability or contractual liability deriving of its processing, that must be addressed and for which a retrieval is required. Under no circumstances your information will be kept for more than 10 years after the end of the contract relationship. This mandatory storage period is established by Spanish Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (10/2010, 28th April).


How do we protect your personal data?


We are committed to protecting your personal information. We use appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data and privacy, and we keep the measures under regular review. We protect your personal data by combining both physical and computer or logic security checks, even access controls that restrict and manage the way your personal data and information are processed, administered and managed. Our procedures point out that you may be required to identify yourself before sharing your personal data with you.


If you experience problems accessing any part of our site, may be due to the model or version of your browser settings or options thereof. Should you need help for finding a solution or if you have any doubt with regard to the functioning of our purchasing system, please send us an email to


The Internet provides a means of communication and is a new means to carry out commercial transactions using the network. Therefore, one of the main concerns of the users that use the Internet is data security online.


Electronic Commerce transaction is understood as being all that process which includes all the agreement of a contract between both parts: client and company. Every commercial transaction must meet the following aspects:


- Authentication ensures us a legal or natural person with which we communicate.

- Integrity, i.e. the content of communication between both parties cannot be changed.

- Confidentiality shall ensure that no one unauthorised may know the content of the communication.

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