A singular architecture

Baluarte raises its figure over the confluence of the first extension of the city. Openned when its forts where knocked down at the end of XIX century and also the defensive citadel that started to be built in 1571, under the Felipe II kingdom. The property takes an L form, without edges or ornaments, sheltering the huge entering square form traffic that borders on one of its sides with the parliament of Navarra.

Invisible but iconic, harmonic but hermetic, spare but superlative, the project of Patxi Mangado satisfies the requirements of the most curious ones. More than solving enigmas, it arouses curiosity from silent walls that surround the echo of instruments and voices.


Unique events

BALUARTE receives all kind of events, recognizing that regardless of its nature, are unrepeatable. In order to become an unforgettable experience, BALUARTE makes all efforts as it human resources, its functional versatility, its great features and the majestic architecture.

The secret of BALUARTE it’s the ability to generate different dimensions rooms and the flexibility to adapt itself to each type of event, offering much more than simple multitudinous spaces. BALUARTE ensures that each act acquires its own personality.


BALUARTE in the city

PPamplona is a medium size city that has been able to grow preserving its historical enclaves, as the medieval city, the renaissance citadel, the modernist expansion… Precisely, between the last two enclaves, takes place the BALUARTE from which you can access to the main landmarks without the need of using cars.




Distances in the city

From BALUARTE to...



[BY CAR]  
Noáin Airport 12

Bus Station 3
Bullring 7









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